AUSTRALIS Season Finale 2017-18

Finish a new season means the end of a whole entire experience on board of the Australis Expedition Cruise, which operates between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, both considered the southernmost cities of South America. In my case, as part of the Expedition Team on board, I have the task of observe, study, learn and then, share my knowledge with the interested and funny tourists coming from all around the world to explore the «End of the World», the southernmost region of our planet.

The question here is how we do it, I mean… Take a look to a map. Now, think with me…How do we connect these two cities? Basically, we take the most fantastic and adventurous way: crossing the historical Strait of Magellan, exploring the great Tierra del Fuego main island and navigating trough the most fearest waters of the world, as the Drake’s Passage, to reach the mythical Cape Horn and the gorgeous Beagle Channel.

Now I invite you to feel this last video of this season, which just finishes and left us a lot of beautiful images… My intention was just try to translate the passion and the sentiment envolved in our job and in our lives indeed.

Enjoy it and thanks for the visit!

Keep watching us because more adventures are coming!

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